I guess you could say that I, me, myself, am just a regular teenager with an attitude problem and a severe case of the good old mood swings. Or you could say that I was dare I say it… different, unique, an individual.

You see in this world we seem to have become over-indulged in this ancient tendency called ‘labelling’. Everyone belongs to a certain group and by being classified as a member of that so called ‘group’ they become no more than just a figure, a number in the millions or a number in the hundreds, a majority or even a minority.

With the addition of a label becomes the subtraction of a person, once you have been identified as part of a certain population or culture you suddenly loose the opportunity  to become an individual, a human. Now once you are part of that group in the eyes of the others you become the representation of that population ,you become one mind, they view all your opinions as the same as if you no longer have the right to a single voice you merely are stuck in the echo of your social superiors.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m not guilty of this exact same habit because I am, everyone is. No matter how hard a person may try to prevent it they are never going to stop themselves from actually doing it now and again because it’s just become second nature.


There is something you can do.

I can almost guarantee that at some point in your life whether it’s now, in the past or even in the future you will be subject to this exact situation, whether you realise it or not. Lets take class sets for example. Maybe you were in top sets at school or perhaps you were in the bottom or somewhere in between, well either way you were labelled. You were categorised by your ability to read and write within a set time period and by your ability to recite pythagoras’ theorem in the middle of a maths exam but I ask you this…

Just because you may all be in the same set, the same class, the same age, does that make you the same person?

My answer is no.

You are all different, you all have different attitudes, hobbies, family backgrounds and  you have individual abilities and personalities and I as a teen myself believe that that is how we should be labelled, if at all. We should be labelled by our own abilities we should be commended for our strengths not just shot down because of our weaknesses.  We should be praised and loved due to what we can do as individuals not due to where we came in the class quiz. Maybe you didn’t pass that maths exam in 2014 and maybe they labelled you as ‘stupid’ because of it but what they fail to notice is that maybe maths just isn’t your strength but they are too lazy to find out what you ARE good at and what you CAN do so instead they bring you down without actually realising the whole truth.

I guess my aim in writing this and setting up this hopefully ‘mildly interesting’ blog is just to  make you as an individual realise that you can become more than just the label you otherwise may represent and if you try hard enough you can even destroy the label all together…

You may represent the over 60’s age category but who says you cant defy ‘normality’ and do a sky dive or something beyond what people may classify as your capabilities because after all you decide who you become and you set your limits and if you take anything away from this post I urge that you just take this one simple statement…

You can do anything you want to do. 




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